Body Intention is a holistic body therapy. Each session includes the following.

  • An Ayurvedic health check-in to ascertain your current state
  • A customized Relaxation Yoga practice  -- restfully moved through long held Restorative and Yin postures to gently pressurize, stimulate, and revitalize the tissues and organs
  • A customized hand-on assist utilizing fascial release and acupressure to facilitate the body circulation and rejuvenate the body tissue
  • A customized Pranayama practice to balance the nervous system, clear the energetic channel, and relieve emotional blockage
  • A personalized Mudra or seal and Sankalpa or intention to unite the body and mind, and direct the unified energy toward the healing process


Subjected to availability, the treatments are held at the private studio of Yoga of Los Altos.

To make an appointment please email: or message/text: 1-408-307-2337.

1-hour Session: $150 

1 1/2-hour Session: $200

2-hour Session: $250